Like You, We Thrive on The Next Challenge!

If our advanced manufacturing technology is the foundation of Super-Pufft. and our people are the heart of our operation. then our research & development department represents the fun-loving spirit of our enterprise!

Research & Development is extraordinarily important to Super-Pufft. Why? Because it provides a competitive edge to our customers who are looking for different, special and better products to take to market. The recipes and innovative new concepts that come out of our R & D Department make us more than just an executional partner to our customers. They give us a stake in your success and an even greater incentive to excel on your behalf. The people in the department are well-versed in dealing with our customers' product managers and procurement specialists.

We will work hand-in hand with you to create exciting new offerings that lead to incremental revenues and profits. We value our integral role in our relationships, staying on top of trends, and understanding our customer's growth objectives. We thrive on innovation and indulging in our next challenge!


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