The Assured Quality

Super-Pufft understands the importance of consistent quality because we know how absolutely critical it is for you and your customers. As a store brand customer, you demand products that are as good or even better than the leading national brands. In addition to the rigour of a well-run plant and dedicated people, Super-Pufft adds another level of scrutiny in the Super-Pufft Quality Assurance Laboratory. We invite you to visit the Super-Pufft Laboratory, which is central to everything we do. Through regular random testing, using the latest laboratory tools, our QA Experts maintain the consistency of quality demanded by you, our customer.

At Super-Pufft, we take pride in our assured quality oriented organization, Super-Pufft has taken that extra step in officially being recognized as a world-class manufacturer. We know that there are a variety of consumers with unique needs and interests in how their food is processed; our plant is proudly certified with Kosher, Halal and Organic certification to meet those requirements.


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