What Does It Mean To Have One Of The Most Advanced Plants In The World To Work For You?

Perhaps more than any other industry, food manufacturing can significantly benefit from the consistent quality and efficiencies of advanced equipment. That's why Super-Pufft has made it one of our cornerstone corporate policies to keep our manufacturing plant on the cutting edge of food processing and manufacturing technology, at all times. When you combine that investment with the quality and expertise of our people, Super-Pufft is confident about offering you a full partnership in your store brand development.

At over 15,000 square meters (160000 square feet), Super-Pufft's manufacturing facility offers you state-of-the-art capabilities. Located conveniently in Mississauga, Ontario, (just West of Toronto), Super-Pufft's plant is close to all of the major shipping routes in North America. Whether your product has to go to Europe, Asia, South America, North America or anywhere else in the world, our Super-Pufft logistic experts will get it there. Super-Pufft's plant is SQF Level 3 Certified . We can also Kosher, Halal Certify your products. Your absolute satisfaction is our goal.


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