About Us
  The first is our approach. We are not just order takers… we’re original thinkers, constantly sniffing out new ways to make our customers’ products more appealing and cost effective. We constantly track emerging trends in consumer tastes, packaging, manufacturing and retail and travel the world to find them for you!

The second is our ‘let’s make it work together’ attitude. Super-Pufft lives up to your quality standards by tailoring our service and support to the singular requirements of your company. Supporting your brand and delivering your product to market are essential steps in becoming your snack and beverage product partner. We rely on your business as much as you rely on ours. We value our partnerships.

The third is our state-of-the-industry, third-party-certified manufacturing plant in Mississauga. It is ingrained in our corporate philosophy to invest in the latest technologies so our customers’ products have an edge in getting onto shelves faster with the most appealing possible taste and packaging.


About Us
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